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2016-08-26 13:29:03 by PrancerPie

I'm super active on Tumblr! So if you want to follow me:


2016-05-17 01:14:32 by PrancerPie

i'm not very active, i've been sucking dick recently (is that how you say it when finals are getting closer?)

but i upload shit on deviantdrama (Marshalltrap is my user fucking name).


and now bend over and gimme the succ you clods

i'm not ded

2016-01-12 17:47:57 by PrancerPie

i'm chillin' here: 



and have a Pash4179109_145263887091_cocoooo.png


2015-09-25 13:37:05 by PrancerPie


Have a Pashie

2015-09-24 06:33:36 by PrancerPie


About "Pashed"

2015-09-23 15:52:43 by PrancerPie

Thank you very much for the followers and everything! :D

Also, I wanna talk about something. I feel happy that finally, my Pashie had finally her glory moment... Seeing her "alive" again makes me really happy. I think Gabs sent me a subliminal message saying "See? Your character is great! Keep going!" and it makes me think that Pash is the best i've ever created. After all of those people who told me "Pash is too sexy", "Pash has boobs it's gross", "Pash is madness porn", "Pash is a mary-sue", this animation is like a big middle finger for them! 

You shouldn't listen to people who almost ruinned your character because they think that they're "disgusting" or a "mary sue/gary stu". 

Pash is cute, insane, sexy and has a childish personnality. I already can imagine Pinkie Pie's voice for her xD

For me, it's a new beginning for Pash! 


Also, don't forget to follow me on:

Instagram: MarshallTrap

Twitter: @VibrantGuard

Snapchat: message me, it's free xD

Tumblr: MarshallTrap


PS: I'm not a girl, i'm Agendet, use "They/Them" pronouns for me!


2015-09-22 12:08:10 by PrancerPie


Last thing.

2015-05-28 09:40:08 by PrancerPie

Thanks for destroying me.

I though we were friends.


Leave Newgrounds forever

2015-05-26 13:02:24 by PrancerPie

Sorry. But I really think I will leave newgrounds for good. This site isn't for me and I had "bad" moments in here such as trolls and many jealous people in here.

And I got into shit with my own friend I blocked after I yelled at them for some personnal reasons. It makes me sad but I had to. "He" asked me to. Or I had to.

I'm leaving for Twitter and Tumblr. (VibrantGuard is my username on Twitter and MarshallTrap is my username on Tumblr).

And I don't give a shit if you unfollow me on here or if you insult me because of what your "friends" told about me.

So goodbye forever and see you on Tumblr or Twitter


2015-02-25 16:06:44 by PrancerPie

Just a post to let you know i'm still here. Yeah...

Got lots of problems on DA, with a drama king/attention whore... Oh well. It's not that important. I'm just least active here because of Twitter. 

I'm just very upset about myself as well recently. I won't rant on here so yeah. But I know that no one will comment here. I just have the feeling that I'm not... "curvy" enough... well, when I see people drawing curvy and pretty girls... It makes me feel like i'm nothing compared to them... and that they would prefer to have pretty and kinky girls than having a stick-like shit like me... I see Skinny-Shaming everywhere... 

I'm not really into Madness now, i'm into FNAF. 


I make Traditionnal Art as well and i'm practicing on Gimp since I want to try new things. Have a SMEXEH SHIT Springtrap. My fav animatronic since he's all creepy and badass c: ((Don't take this picture seriously... I made it for the laugh, not for people to fap on...))

I have more FNAF things on my DeviantArt. You can check this out!